Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

1. Nextbet commission percentage is based on your new players every month. The higher number of your new players, the bigger your revenue share is.
The commission tier for NextBet starts from 33% and can be up to 50% as the highest pay out revenue as below.
2. Minimum commission payout amount must be at 50 USD. Commission settlement verification will take approximately 10 days after the month end date. After verification, commission will be deposited into Affiliate’s preferred account within 5 days.
3. If the affiliate generates a negative win/loss or doesn’t meet our minimum five (5) active player monthly requirement, no commission will be generated but will be carried forward to the next settlement.
4. The promotion bonus and rebates cost of referred player is deducted from the affiliate’s commission.
5. Affiliates cannot have their own player gaming account under their affiliate account. If an affiliate is caught profiting from an account generated by themselves, we will forfeit any earnings they have made and their account will be unlinked to its own affiliate account.
6. Profit generated from an affiliate caught doing fraudulent activities will be deducted from Affiliate’s earnings. Any dishonest actions will result in permanent freezing of an account, and will forfeit all commission.
7. If an affiliate is being investigated for possible fraudulent activities, Nextbet will withhold payment of profits generated from that affiliate until the investigation is completed.
8. Affiliates are restricted to give bonus or any promotion without Nextbet’s review and approval otherwise the Affiliate account will be subject for termination.
9.Affiliate’s performance are always monitored, if the affiliate account is inactive for 6 months, Nextbet reserves the right to discontinue, cancel and/or void the affiliate account at any time without any notice.
10. If the affiliate account cannot be executed as planned due to any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, Nextbet shall freeze the affiliate account and incur no liability or no commission will be offered.
11. Nextbet reserves the right to modify or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

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