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1. You will earn an initial rate of 25% revenue share under the Dafabet Affiliate Program as provided below. The more real money players & revenue you generate, the more you will earn. You will be paid a recurring profit from your players month after month for as long as their gaming activity continues and your Agreement with Dafabet remains valid and subsisting as per its terms and conditons.

Regular Share % for Sports Book Affiliate

Scale Rate

No. Of Active Players

Revenue Share % of Net Revenue

USD 1 to USD 10,000

5 +


USD 10,001 to USD 25,000

10 +


USD 25,001 +

20 +


Net Revenue” means such sum as may be calculated, in respect of your referred Players to our Sportsbook website, and is the aggregate of Gross Bets less total Payouts less Redeemed Bonuses less Royalty Fee plus End User Balance Corrections, less Payment Processing Costs, where:

  • Gross Bets” means the total of all real money sums wagered by your referred Players on the Sports Betting website in that month;
  • Payouts” means all real money winnings by your referred Players participating in any of the Sports Betting products during that month;
  • Payment Processing Cost” means the payment processing costs incurred for your referred players under this Agreement;
  • Redeemed Bonuses” means all bonuses resulting in the bonus amount or part thereof being transferred from the Player’s bonus balance to his or her real money balance and able to be withdrawn by the Player without any limitations;
  • Royalty Fee” means the usage based payments we make for use of Sportsbook software;


2. The application of your revenue share above shall be on a scaling basis, meaning if the applicable Net Revenue reaches above Level 1, the increased rate of Revenue Share will only apply to the amount in excess of the previous level.

3. We will pay you your revenue share generated by each player attributable to you, provided that you maintain in your account as an affiliate, at least five (5) Active Wagering Members in any given calendar month. “Active Wagering Members” refers to your referred players that reach a minimum wagering turnover amount equivalent to Two Hundred U.S. Dollars (USD200.00) each in any given calendar month.

4. Your revenue share will be computed by Dafabet in accordance with the prevailing revenue sharing structure in force from time to time. Your revenue share is calculated from the Net Revenue multiplied by the affiliate revenue share percentage, derived from at least five (5) Active Wagering Members in a calendar month. Bets placed on Numbers game, Virtual Sports and Racing with not be counted towards revenue computations.

If at least 50% of an affiliate’s earnings from referred players are generated by one player, or if more than 50% of an affiliate’s earnings from referred players are generated by players betting on the same selection in a specific match, Dafabet reserves the right to:

  1. a) Remove the player from the affiliate revenue scheme; and/or
  2. b) Close the player’s betting account; and/or
  3. c) Not make any payment to the affiliate for the month in question; and/or
  4. d) Not include any bets placed from the player or revenue generated by the player in the computation of affiliate’s earnings; and/or
  5. e) Terminate the Affiliate Agreement resulting in closure of the Affiliate Account;


5. All amounts are calculated and paid in accordance with our reasonable and good faith means of tracking your referred player’s activity. Our calculations of your revenue share shall be final and binding.

6. “Charge-back”: A credit card holder discovers irregular transactions made on his/her Credit/Debit Card, which was not authorized by him/her. The credit card holder then requests his/her bank to reverse these charges. Charge backs relate to fraudulent use by a third party of the credit card holder’s card or card number.

6.1 Should your referred player process a charge back, the disputed or charged-back revenue generated by your referred player will be forfeited and will not be included for purposes of computing the revenue share due to you for the current month.

6.2 Should this deduction of the accumulated revenue exceed your current amount due, your balance will then revert to a negative balance, and you will have to earn revenue to cover the charge-back before you can start earning revenue again.

6.3 Unlike with a player making a big winning, which only lasts one month, a charge back will stay due until the revenue generated by your other players has covered the amount due. We understand that this might be frustrating to the affiliates, but it has to be made clear that we can only pay you your revenue share from a percentage of your referred players profits and not for fraudulent revenue.

7. Complimentary Money, Free Money and Other incentives refer to those amounts credited to the account of customers. As your referred players have not purchased these amounts, you will not earn any revenue share from these.

8. In the event of a negative balance due to losses, this shall be carried over to the succeeding month. Should you close the succeeding month with a positive balance, payment will be issued if it meets the minimum requirements and revenue share will be paid on the positive balance.

9. You shall continue to earn revenue share on all transactions of your referred player for so long as your Agreement to act as an affiliate remains active and has not been terminated.

10. You will not earn any revenue share from your referred player’s turnover or win/loss resulting from gaming activity on other Dafabet Site/s , unless you are likewise registered as an affiliate and have a separate account with them.

11. 10% processing fee will be deducted on bank wire payments to cover bank processing fees for affiliate pay-out balances of lower than USD200.


12. All payments will be paid in USD or the currency of your choice when setting up your Affiliate Account. Where currency conversion is required, amount due will be converted using our currency rates at the time the revenue share was earned. Any change in currency must be submitted via a written request or an email to our Affiliate Managers. Any request via email must be done using affiliates’ registered email with the Affiliate Program only.


13. All amounts you earn under the Agreement are exclusive of all charges, taxes (including Value Added Tax, where applicable), duties, fees, excises or tariffs. Such charges, taxes, duties, fees, excises or tariffs shall be for your account at the rate prevailing at the time the revenue share is paid. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall be solely and primarily responsible for any taxes imposed on the revenue share by the tax authority in the jurisdiction in which you are domiciled for income tax purposes, but in the event that Dafabet is required to withhold any tax payable by and imposed on you by a tax authority in any jurisdiction where Dafabet operates from or in, you shall be solely responsible for the payment of such tax and you shall not be entitled to recover any such tax from Dafabet.